In obedience to GOD's WILL, we are conducting a full-time prison ministry traveling from prison to prison proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated.  We help bring the inmates face to face with Jesus by training them to interactively study God's Word.


Often, one of the weakest areas in the local church is the men's ministry. Work is hard and time is precious.  For most men, thinking about a retreat is an exercise in futility.

Tim and Tom have experienced this on a personal level as well as church wide.  They have a desire that the men in today's church be strong in their faith, families, and future.

Tim is proficient in teaching men how to study the Bible and actually get someting out of it. His desire is that every man become the spiritual leader in his family as well as in the congregation.

Tom has been in the ministry since 1979 in many capicites.   His desire is that men become men of integrity, strong in their faith, and strong examples of a believer in the home, congregation, and workplace.  Tom has been married for over 30 years and desires to see the trend of broken families in the church change.

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Our Mission

"To affect an everlasting change in the lives of inmates and their families through Biblical counseling and the interactive study of Scripture."