In obedience to GOD's WILL, we are conducting a full-time prison ministry traveling from prison to prison proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated.  We help bring the inmates face to face with Jesus by training them to interactively study God's Word.

Ministry Beliefs

Our ministry goal is linked closely with Ezra 7:10, "For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the Lord, and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel." Ezra was a skilled scribe in the Law of Moses and he was determined to do three things.

1.  Study the Law of the Lord
2.  Practice it
3. Teach God's statutes and ordinances

We believe this order is extremely important for a ministry to be successful, and we exist for this purpose. We use the interactive Bible study method to teach people; focusing primarily on the incarcerated within the state of Florida. This method allows people to discover God's truth for themselves.

There are three components that are used for interactive Bible study:

1.  Observation – What does the passage say?
2.  Interpretation – What does the passage mean?
3.  Application – What changes should I make in my life since I know the truth?

When Tim, the president and cofounder of JesusOnlyWay Ministries, was drawn to God by God (John 6:44), he was given a great hunger for the word of God. This created a huge dilemma for Tim because while the word was being taught from the pulpit, he had difficulty understanding and applying the meaning of the passage for himself. By God's providence, Tim was led to the interactive Bible study method, where he learned to study the Bible for himself.

Our passion is to direct people into God's word in order that their lives will be transformed by God's truth.  We focus primarily on the incarcerated and pray that God will use this teaching to make dynamic believers and productive citizens once they are released from prison.




Our Mission

"To affect an everlasting change in the lives of inmates and their families through Biblical counseling and the  interactive study of Scripture."