In obedience to GOD's WILL, we are conducting a full-time prison ministry traveling from prison to prison proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated.  We help bring the inmates face to face with Jesus by training them to interactively study God's Word.


Welcome to the website of JesusOnlyWay Ministry. All across this land there are scores of groups of people that have a need that is too often overlooked. We are speaking of the incarcerated, and the need is solid teaching of the Word of God.

While there are a number of people who are willing to take the Gospel to the inmates confined in Federal, State, and local prisons, there are far too few who are willing to provide the life changing teaching that is their only key to peace.

God has laid on the hearts of Tim and Laurie Borland to bring to the incarcerated the teaching that provides the discipling that is necessary for one to truely experience true freedom in Christ. Scripture teaches that the truth shall set you free. Shallow or false teachings bring anything but freedom.

JesusOnlyWay has at the core of their ministry the principle of the interactive study of Scripture. For years students of the Word have known that Scripture is the best teacher of Scripture.

Our Mission

"To affect an everlasting change in the lives of inmates and their families through Biblical counseling and the interactive study of Scripture."


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